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The Right People! The critical component of any successful business. Do you have them?

You can only be as successful as your team. Defining the exact roles required to man the critical position in your digital marketing organization and then filling those roles with the right people is no mean feat.

As organizations start growing rapidly and reach leadership status in the market,  most will reach what we call the ‘marketing plateau’. This is the point where all the basics of the marketing mechanics are in place but the organization is unable to scale the Quality and Volume of opportunities required to grow the business at the desired rate. At this time organizations need to turn around and take a look at their digital marketing org structure and people. Most organizations are staffed with people who have grown into that role, or people who have been brought in by marketing leaders who transitioned through the company over the years.

While many other professions thrive on tenure, digital marketing is an ever evolving beast with new mediums and techniques continuously emerging and taking over the market. Most of these techniques and mediums have a bell-curve like effectiveness plan. Early adopters end up pushing the boundaries while latecomers only get moderate to poor results using the same techniques that were supposed to be marketing nirvana just a few years ago. This phenomenon makes staffing a digital marketing organization a very difficult proposition.

Exceptional results come to companies using the tools at the top of the curve, wielded by people who are current in the art!

LifecycleDigitalToolsHow do you staff an organization that will always be on top of the latest techniques and be able to use them to the fullest?

The trick lies in creating a multi-layered organization led by people who have an unique level of drive. Digital marketing is a iterative process which needs continuous fine tuning. To create an organization that stays ahead of the curve, it’s necessary to define the right positions composed of team members who complement each others skills. Building on each others strength and giving each other the ingredients needed to keep on fine tuning the art.

A successful team will need a healthy mix of experienced marketing strategists, artists, analysts, researchers and interns… Yes interns and fresh graduates who bring the latest perspectives and ideas while benefiting from the enthusiastic core organization which is hungry to stay ahead of the curve. It’s a composition which varies by industry, company size and market position. One thing that differentiate the teams that defy gravity is the drive and personality of its leaders.

We know how to identify these individuals and place them in the right seats of your train.


How we can help

At 20/20 compute we believe in people ahead of anything else. But just hiring the right individuals is only part of the puzzle. The picture is only complete when these individuals are put into the right seats.

Cutting through organizational politics and existing hierarchies, we will interview your team members and asses their skills. We will coach and inspire these individuals to let us know their true passions and present an overall assessment to management on the right places for each member in the organization. Many times companies can find all the talent they require within their ranks… Sometimes outside the core group. If there are major areas of deficiency we will help you define the roles to fill these and even help with the interview process to hire the right skill set and personality type for the position.