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What exactly is your social strategy?

Let me guess…Social_BullHorn

  • A specified set of posting dos and don’ts (social media strategy document) for content and images.
  • Hootsuite and Gaggle (i.e., Spambot posting) – to foster social participation among your employees, but everything has to approved by the social media gatekeepers.
  • A strictly maintained posting schedule.
  • A social post promotion budget.
  • A social paid media budget.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook ‘enterprise account’ managers – because you dropped a quarter of a million on each this year?
  • In summary, this is called a ‘Social Megaphone’ strategy. Something that most B2B companies are operating on.

You know what’s missing? Yep, you guessed it… There is no bullet point to ‘Be Social’ or ‘Socializing Rules & Schedule’.

The most talented social strategists in the world today are not the ones who are drawing six figure social media salaries. I like to talk to strangers at Starbucks, and in the past 6 months, I have met quite a few youngsters there who are doing really innovative things on social media to get traffic and leads for their content/website/product … but spending a tiny percentage of what the giant corporations are pouring in.

The most talented social strategists in the world today are not the ones who are drawing six figure social media salaries.

Through my conversations and discussions, their secret sauce became quite apparent to me… They were actually BEING SOCIAL on social media. Their strategy did not END with running ads on Facebook and posting images on Instagram and getting people to register. They engaged immediately and vociferously with everyone who responded to their reach-out programs on every form of social media. Something that is almost completely ignored by the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing trained corporate marketeer with a big wallet.

In my Jan 2015  B2Beacon’s Leader Video Series interview (click to watch) with Thad Kahlow,  I was very clear and specific that we need to hire fresh out-of-college graduates who have very strong social profiles themselves. My answer surprised Thad a bit, but my recent observations underline the facts that being social is really a specialized skill and needs to be pursued like a religion, not a job.

You cannot do social on schedule.

social_on_scheduleBeing social cannot be done on a schedule. In the age of ‘instant gratification,’ we cannot expect social communications to take the same route as email communications.  Being social is like a religion and needs a team of people who work together in tandem, with an unified voice and single sense of purpose … creating a strong social circle for your company. If you don’t do this, what you’ll be missing is the human connection. Each time you make live connections with fans on social media, you create A-ha! moments for them. But more than that, you not only created a prospect, but a brand ambassador for yourself in the social labyrinth.

Here is my shortlist of things that B2B companies need to hold their social team accountable for to get started on getting true value from their social investment:

  • Hire the right team – Give them freedom – Work them in shifts to get 24×7 coverage
  • Stop using ‘All-in-one’ social media posting tools. They try to fit a square peg in a round hole and create exactly what you don’t want… Non-specific, non engageable one-sided conversations.
  • Create specific and separate engagement paradigms for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Make your social stream spontaneous not scheduled. Act and react based on how the day progresses
  • Listen! Respond! Empathize! Share! React! Fool Around! Have fun!
  • Infuse your team with ‘Social Religion’ and put in incentives based on social engagement, influence, and conversations… Not number of FANS and number of (mostly useless) LIKES on your posts.
  • And last but not the least…Get the basics right!
    (i.e., Don’t post a screenshot of a video with a link below it… No one is going to click on the link to go see your video. Post the video directly or link the image to the video.)

Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Leave me a comment here or just tweet to me @ggoswami.

Will follow this up with some more detailed posts on ‘how to be social on social media’ soon… if time permits.