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Topic, Context & Channel Specific Content

One of the most underrated items in the world of B2B marketing is also one of the most important pieces of in-concert digital marketing. The power of specificity, as we call it, is quite often ignored by marketers who try to re-use or retrofit existing assets, images, content, and copy of all types into multiple campaign paths without realizing the massive disservice they are doing to their organization and their campaign performance.

You have 5 seconds to convey your value prop. You better be specific!

SpecificAdcopyFlowSpecific content has many adversaries!

Creating specific ad copy, specific microsites and landing pages, context-specific blog posts, specific imagery by demographic, channel and intent takes a lot of time and a significant thought process. Many times large organizations tend to outsource this whole process to distributed visual design, content, and paid media marketing agencies … further exacerbating the problem. With millions of dollars spent individually on each of the above mentioned initiatives, the programs team on the ground are not left with many options but to use what is being fed to them by agencies.

But there is a middle ground.

With a simple restructuring of workflows and an enhanced understanding of the power of specificity, smart marketers can harness the teams at their disposal to achieve a respectable percentage of specificity to make a real difference in their marketing results.

“Good” vs. “Bad” is a decision that each visitor makes within 10 seconds of reaching your web page.

Data from Neilsen Norman Group – Details Here

How we can help

The 20/20 team will help analyze all your channels for ‘percentage of specificity’ in all outbound and inbound prospect engagement  and lead-gen programs.  We will help your marketing teams understand and realize the power of specific content and help formulate processes to create  multi-format short, long and visual content from core copy and messaging, easily and quickly.

We will also help define a strong visual paradigm for your social marketing and blog content. A paradigm that matches your organizations customer facing image and stands out without ‘standing out’ to create maximum impact for prospect engagement.