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True… False… What is the difference? It’s social media… It’s simple!

Social media marketing. Social selling. Social re-targeting. These seemingly demystified set of tools are now commonplace in every B2B company’s digital marketing arsenal.

Most companies have implemented a similar ‘social – architecture’ or ‘peking order’ wherein the PR team handles the ‘community outreach’ part of social and the Lead Generation team handles the ‘paid advertising and re-targeting’ parts of the puzzle. Of course, we cannot forget the ‘social selling champions’ within your sales organizations who are using the power of LinkedIn InMails daily to make powerful connections and strong sales motions.

The truth is most B2B companies are barely scratching the surface of the true power of social outreach, lead generation, and social selling!

social_usesSo what is ‘true social’?
How can you maximize your social potential?

The influence of social media has grown exponentially in the last few years, and with the release of the latest generation of B2B marketing focused tools from most major social media marketing companies, your company has a choice to make. Either you open your mind and enhance your marketing processes with the true value of social selling or you let your competitors use this powerful medium to take away valuable revenue from you.

Social media marketing is now Social Prospecting, Social Interest Expansion, and Social Selling. It traverses the fabric of your lead generation funnel from the top to almost the very bottom. Social media platforms allows targeting of prospects to an incredible level of granularity, allowing social media messages to replace conventional outreach like email and phone calls. Social presence on Twitter can have major impact on customer perception of partner companies and influence prospects to choose between parallel players.

Social media strategy is one of the main components of in-concert marketing that holds all the pieces together to surround your prospects with gentle, engaging reminders of your products and services, which can lead to faster deal cycles and easier footprint expansion within existing customer accounts.

How we can help

We are passionate about social marketing and social influenced selling. The 20/20 team can help you structure your overall social media strategy to make it an integral part of your overall lead generation and user engagement machinery. 

We can help set goals and define targets for your social lead generation efforts as well as help you define effective metrics that will showcase the impact of social media marketing for your management. At the grassroots level, we can also coach your social media stewards on how to be truly social and make your brands social following, a true asset to the organization, not just another number on your board report.